"Cat, you are a ticking love bomb who automatically refills after each explosion in order to prepare to burst again."

You have many superpowers. But the ability and willingness in which you embark on sending out love is one of your strongest. I've physically felt it wash over me just from you psychically sending it. That, my friend, is amazing. I wish I could rebound it back to you so you could feel it because it's an instant warming like feeling that strokes your head and helps you believe, “Everything is going to be ok.” An enveloping.

You instinctively understand what people cannot even put into words. They don't have to put it into words because you feel what it is their heart is saying. 

— Josi Case ~ Shock Therapy Astrology

"Cat, your soul is so super fucking disco ball. Thank you for being a light in my galaxy. I adore you."  — J. R.

"Thank you for your incredible spiritual support. You are such a bright light!"   — Cat's Portrait by Kat T  horsen   ~   Artist, Craftivist and Graphic Facilitator

"Thank you for your incredible spiritual support. You are such a bright light!"
— Cat's Portrait by Kat Thorsen ~ Artist, Craftivist and Graphic Facilitator


"Our conversation was really super grounding and helpful and I want to honour your genius!!!"

I am really grateful for Cat's attentive, focused listening.  
Her keen listening translates into clear + thoughtful insight.
I also super appreciate Cat's ability to translate 'woo-woo' (ephemeral feeling + experiences) into daily practices that allow me to build my intuitive muscle while helping me be
less stressed and more grounded.

— Joan Trinh Pham ~ The Modern Palmist and Palliative Care Nurse


Cat Webb is a freak in the best possible way. It's not easy to be a freak. It can be really lonely. Cat owns her badass self. Talk to Cat to learn about things you didn't know existed. — Malcolm Van Delst

Thank you Cat, for your sassy badass-ness, and for opening the door with sweet vulnerability and inviting us all to walk through. I really could not have asked for a more supportive and embracing afternoon. Perfect perfection. — A.K.

"Very insightful conversation Cat. Thank you for your grace and honesty."

— B.R.

"Thank you so much for chatting with me - this alone was an answer to my prayers this morning - as I needed a sign that all that I do in the invisible world is REAL and meaningful!" 

— Carolyn Jayne

"Wow. My brain is a strange and wonderful thing. Thanks for the advice, listening and allowing me to share this with you. I appreciate it immensely. Please take care."  — R.B.


“Wise Woman”

Thank you so much for the work you did on my back last night. It felt better immediately! You are a profound healer, so keep doing what you’re doing friend. You are very powerful and I honour that. 

— Krys J.

"Cat did a tarot card reading with me by phone. I still felt her gentleness, warmth and good energy."

I was planning to attend a social event by myself, but was having trouble setting aside worry about how it would go.

The reading was helpful and, most of all, it gave me confidence to venture out on my own and it reassured me that the event would go well, that it would "not be as scary” as I’d been thinking, and it would be to my benefit. I was to let go of my fear, not worry and just have a good time since it would be a time of relaxation. The cards said to bring out who I am and what I'm passionate about.

During the reading I felt myself worrying less and gaining the confidence I needed to go. The reading proved to be surprisingly accurate – going to the event was not “scary” and I did have a good time connecting with old and new friends.

The cards also spoke about my career “about my doing what makes my heart happy".

I certainly recommend Cat and I would go to her again for such help and guidance.

— Martha R.

"Your efforts at peacemaking were splendid and the whole thing came together largely due to your willingness to reach out to others while personally contributing in a major way to organizing and documenting the evolving project. I had personally given up on the whole ritual coming to pass. it is clear to me that this would not have taken place without your intervention and you caring enough to make it happen."

— Bill F.

"Her authenticity is a breath of fresh air, and if you are looking for honesty and a no-holds-barred approach to overcoming obstacles, then time spent with Cat is time well invested."

Cat is a strong, understanding lady who brings a sense of peace and balance to those she works with by encouraging them to dig deep within to find the answers they seek. Her forte is providing a gentle guiding hand to lift you up high enough to find the confidence to follow your own wise heart and inner guidance. 

She brings with her a wealth of wisdom born out of experience with regards to many of the challenges we come up against in life, and she knows first-hand the joys of stepping into your own and exploring your hidden potential.

— N.L.