Art + Authentic Expression = Healing HeARTwork Saves Lives!!! 

Sacred times call for sacred expressions. I have always used creativity as a way of processing and expressing transitions, deep emotions, and traumatic experiences. Art provides me the path to knowing and healing myself. I have found catharsis and clarity through my creative explorations, and along the way I have discovered I am great at facilitating this process for others too.  

I can support you to find your own catharsis, healing, and clarity through a variety of artistic methods. 

Astro-Collage: If you would like a custom-made sacred piece of art that is filled with symbolism unique to your own birth astrology, I would be delighted to create that for you. These Astro-collages can be used as meditation pieces to assist you in self discovery and self mastery. 

Psychic Armour: I design necklaces and bracelets and will work with you to custom select the energetic gemstones and sacred symbols that will support your boundaries and nurture your growth. 

Poppets: Spirit-dolls are an energetic reflection of the physical form of a human and can act as an energetic gateway to provide healing for the person represented. Poppets were originally used for healing, nurturing and comfort. I create these offerings in spirit of awakening self-care and fostering awareness connecting the spirit with the body. We can create one specially designed for your healing and sacred needs. Name your needle and thread and decide what you are weaving in your life.

The Artist Offers
Commissioned Work

• Personalized Astro-Collage
• Psychic Armour Gemstone Jewelry
• End of Life Legacy Preservation Artwork

Craft Kits
• Mourning Grief Poppet
• Psychopomp Energy Anatomy Poppet

Community Art Rituals
• Healing Grief through Art
• Art Celebrations Memorial Service
• Art Journal Exploration

Sacred Songs
• Personalized Channeled Healing Song
• Threshold Bardo Songs


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